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Scalloping Trips

Scalloping at Steinhatchee

Scalloping at Steinhatchee, Florida

Scalloping at Steinhatchee, Florida

Scalloping at Steinhatchee, Florida


Kayak Scalloping from Hagan's Cove, Steinhatchee, Florida

Kayak Scalloping from Hagan's Cove, Steinhatchee, Florida

The Steinhatchee River is a fisherman's mecca and a kayaker's paradise. The Adventure Club travels there at least once a summer to catch succulent bay scallops.  Afterward, we come back to Gainesville to cook up our catch and have a potluck feast.

Scallops appear in the grassy, shallow, warm waters in the summer months.  Their purple eyes lining their clam-like shells are simple to spot in the 3-to-4-foot depths amid the sea grass, and it's easy pickings to grab 'em and bag 'em as you snorkel.

Scallopers need saltwater fishing licenses. An annual license for Floridians is about $14.  You can pick one up at marinas, bait-and-tackle shops and sporting goods stores, or buy one online and print out a temporary copy.

Often, we rent boats from Sea Hag Marina or River Haven Marina and make our own flotilla as we motor out to the sandbars.  But you don't need a boat for great scalloping. At Hagan's Cove you can kayak or wade right into the marsh. Hagan's Cove is 14 miles north of Steinhatchee.

We also charter a single boat for a small group, so we can schedule more trips during the height of the season.

Once we've caught our 5-gallon limit per boat, we head back to the tavern while the "dock ladies" shuck the scallops for us.  At a few bucks per gallon or so, it's worth the money!

Steinhatchee is considered one of the richest and most popular scalloping spots.  Scallops are largest in August, when we schedule most of our trips.

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