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Fun and Easy Kayaking Trips

Manatee Kayaking in Crystal River

Manatee Kayaking in Crystal River

Sunset Kayaking in Cedar Key

Sunset Kayaking in Cedar Key


Kayaking the Santa Fe River

Kayaking the Santa Fe River

Want to get outdoors and try something new, but not sure you're adventurous enough? Kayaking is a great place to start. Kayaking is easy and fun, and almost anyone can get the hang of it right away. You don't have to be really fit, just able to do some moderate activity.

You don't even need your own kayak. You can rent a kayak on location for most of our events. Trips usually range in price from $25 to $40 for the day, and a paddle down a river typically takes a few hours to half a day.

Some of our members also rent kayaks at reasonable rates.  You need to pick the kayak up and transport it yourself in most cases, but sometimes members can even help with that, too.

Kayaks are a little like canoes, except kayaks are generally much lighter and easier to steer. Kayaks are usually built for one person. You use one long double-ended paddle to propel yourself through the water. In my opinion, the easiest kayaks to use are the "sit-on-top" kayaks, where you are above the water line. This gives you more leverage when dipping your paddle into the water.

Where do we go on kayak trips? We go all over the Central Florida area. Usually, we stay close by, within a 1 or 2-hour drive of the kayaking location. We've been to Cedar Key, the Santa Fe River, the Waccassassa River, Rainbow Springs, Crystal River, the Silver River, the Suwannee, and Juniper Springs, just to name a selection of places we frequent.

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