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Camping and Kayaking Juniper Springs

When: Fri Apr 12    
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Public details: The oldest and best-known recreation areas on the East Coast. Located between Ocala and Ormond Beach along SR 40, this complex of swimming and picnic area, campground and trails was constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. This setting houses hundreds of tiny bubbling springs and massive springs gushing out of crevices in the earth beneath a dense canopy of palms and oaks, an oasis within the heart of the desert-like scrub ecosystem.

Who doesn't love camping under a dense canopy of live oaks? Juniper Springs is one of the nation's top destinations for camping, not just because of the many activities available on site but also for its well-shaded setting.

Kayaking the Juniper Run can be challanging for the non experienced. It is a narrow, winding waterway set under a dense canopy of old-growth forest and few places solid enough to get out of your canoe. Just before the take out point near SR 19, the waterway broadens to encompass wetlands teeming with wading birds and wildlife.

We can also do light hiking, bird watching, and swimming.

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