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Zip Line Ocala

When: Sat Mar 30    
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Public details: Is it The Cliffs that make The Canyons the most sensational adventure park in Florida? Or maybe it’s the Zips at 155 feet high and 1,150 feet long. Or maybe it’s the kayaking on spring fed lakes? Or maybe it’s the mountain-like elevation changes on horseback, or soaking up the breathtaking scenery and wine on our historical tasting tours….or maybe it’s the fact that none of this should exist in Florida, but it does, and it’s ONLY HERE, at THE CANYONS ZIP LINE & ADVENTURE PARK!

We are providing experiences that are more than just thrilling, but an immersive interaction with nature as it is meant to be experienced. We strive to break all the rules about what people expect to find in Florida. Plunging cliffs that set the view of large lakes sparkling at the bottom of a canyon and the dazzling memories created when visiting such a place, are some of the reasons why we are a nationally recognized and award-winning adventure park.

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