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LoveBurn 2023

When: Thu Feb 16    
Contact: Contact Form  
Public details: LoveBurn is an annual Regional Burning Man Event held in Miami. It's similar to Burning Man in Nevada except it is much smaller, there are flush toilets and showers, and the environment isn't trying to kill you.

It has art, music, fire, costumes, lights, activities, theater, dance, fire dancing, and people doing amazing weird things. And flames. Did I mention flames?

The site is split into two parts, one in rated "G" and is family friendly. The other part is, well, anything can happen.

Burning Man and the Regional burns are based on a gifting economy. Once we arrive at the gate there is no need for money except for buying ice & coffee. It is an "all inclusive resort" based on everyone taking care of themselves and their neighbors.

No pets allowed; it would freak them out.
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